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July 23rd 2014






We’re all going to hell

this post might be the best thing ive seen on here

I am in tears. Hahaha

July 22nd 2014
July 22nd 2014

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This one shot is soooo good. I loved it💕💕💕💕 Thank you fitzisgold-win

I read this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Looooove it!!! God I would PAY for this to happen in s4!!! So well written, so in character, so beautiful yet not mushy!

July 21st 2014



Featured Lead Actress, Drama Series nominee #fanart:
Kerry Washington (scandalabc) in ballpoint pen, by @Cosette_Yo

THANK YOU, Sarah/Cosette! :)

In the eyes of a human there lies the epitome of their soul….

You captured Kerry’s soul in this sketch… Magnificently and Exquisite!  Thank you for sharing this.  My curiosity has gotten the best of me; may I see the two people who are flanking her.. : - )  

Wow, I don’t know what to answer to such a nice compliment! I’m blushing like a tomato ^^ Well, to be honest, it’s part of a big poster (A1 format) I’m doing for the season 4 of Scandal, and it’s not finished. Olivia was the first one I drew. I’ll give you this though, the ones that flank her are Huck and Fitz :) And thank you again! Normally I’ll post the whole thing next week for the beginning of s4 shooting
July 21st 2014


Tony Goldwyn directing Scandal [x]

July 21st 2014


Selected works by Sébastien DEL GROSSO freelance graphic designer from Paris, France who playful composites combine drawing and photography with whimsical yet realistic results.

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// selected by Tu recepcja

Be sure to look at our team for more cool stuff. 

July 20th 2014




Tony Goldwyn BTS of The Divide [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Don’t forget to watch The Divide tonight at 9pm on WeTV!

Bae at work. Im liking the show. Great writing.

I’m so happy for him!! The show was great and it looks like it’s only going to get better.


July 20th 2014


Furious Dutch prime minister tells Putin to exert his influence.

In a short news conference, Rutte said he had just had a ‘very intense’ phone call with Russian president Vladimir Putin. ‘I told him “time is running out for you to show the world that you have good intentions, that you will take responsibility”,’ Rutte said.

Putin now ‘has to show that he will do what is expected of him and will exert his influence,’ the Dutch prime minister said.

'It is 35 degrees there. The bodies need to be recovered now. I want to see results, unhindered access and the repatriation of the victims.’


The phone conversation with Putin was ‘very personal’, the Dutch prime minister said.

‘I think the entire Dutch population knows people who directly or indirectly know someone who was on board. There were 80 people under the age of 18, of whom 23 were under the age of 12 and three were babies. It is too terrible for words.’

Images of rebels holding up children’s toys were ‘too disgusting for words’, Rutte said. Such action is also hindering the investigation into the crash, he said.


Earlier on Saturday, Dutch foreign minister Frans Timmermans met Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko in Kiev and told him the Netherlands was ‘angry, furious’ at the news that bodies were being dragged around the crash site,

Malaysia Airlines released the full passenger list on Saturday. The Dutch death toll is now put at 193, out of 298 people on board the plane.

July 19th 2014

http://thebarlowbutt.tumblr.com/post/92244904621/slayerage-have-you-ever-1-skipped-class »

Have you ever:

1. Skipped class? Yes, especially at Uni! Anything before 9am or after 5pm.
2. Done drugs? Smoked weed a few times.
3. Self harmed? Not intentionally!
4. Drank? Oh…Yes!
5. Shoplifted? Ahem, not proud but yes, candies mainly when I was a kid.
6. Gotten a tattoo? Yeah, I have three tattoos.
7. Broken up with someone? Yes.

What’s your favorite:

8. Show? Right now, Scandal.
9. Movie? Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.
10. Song? In My Veins - Andrew Belle
11. Tumblr? Scandalously-passionate & masatosakai
12. Singer/Band? Hugh Laurie/ Muse
13. Memory? My year in Ireland. Have my drawing works recognized by Katie & Tony.
14. Book? I have too many that I love, I’m a book whore! Have more than 300 books at home.

This or that:

15. Invisibility or Ability to fly? Fly, I’d go to LA immediately :p
16. Cookies or Cake? Cookies
17. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter addict here!
18. Movies or Books? Books
19. Coke or Sprite? None, I’m an Ice Tea girl
20. Blind or Deaf? Hard, but I’ll go with deaf
21. Tea or Coffee? Coffee

What’s your:

22. Age? 26
23. Sign? Cancer
24. Height? 170 cm
25. Sexual orientation? Straight
26. Shoe size? 7 UK / 41 EU
27. Religion? Atheist
28. Longest relationship? 2 years

Opinion on:

29. Gay rights? Shouldn’t exist a term “gay rights”! It’s HUMAN RIGHTS!
30. Second chances? Depends the gravity of what happened
31. Long distance relationships? Skeptic.
32. Abortion? Personal choice!
33. The death penalty? 100% against. Life imprisonment.
34. Marijuana? I think society makes too much of a fuss about it! There are worse drugs!
35. Love? Essential in life.

Do you:

36. Believe in ghosts? Not really.
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? Both, facing to wash myself, then turned to wash my hair.
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? Closed!
39. Love someone? not right now.
40. Still watch cartoons? Yeah, I admit I sometimes ahem, in the morning, ahem, watch like…Totally Spies, or Spongebob lol
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Not at the moment
42. Like yourself? Some days yes, some days no

July 19th 2014







maybe humans are good for some things

this stuff makes me so happy 

the way the mother looks back at the end 

Humans are good for many things. We just sometimes forget we are the caretakers for ourselves and other Earthlings. THAT’S our job.


Y’all just really want to break me down today.