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July 30th 2014
July 29th 2014

Kerry Washington on Social Media »


Kerry: I don’t weigh myself because there’s never a good answer on the scale. For me reading comments is the same way. It’s brain clutter. But it is hard, in social media you feel like you’re a community. People in social media can be very mean. Some of our cast members have struggled with it a…

July 29th 2014

Scandal Cast

  • Tony Goldwyn + Jeff Perry
July 28th 2014
July 28th 2014

In honor of #Scandal Season 4!
May Olivia Pope the Fixer come back full force, and may she come back to her senses & leave Joke stranded! ^^

Ballpoint Pen Drawing
A1 format (23.39 x 33.11 inches)
Around 70 hours of work, many nervous breakdowns and an aching body later, I hope you like it :)

© Cosette_Yo

July 27th 2014
July 27th 2014


Me reading terrible fanfiction.

July 25th 2014


this is so beautiful, i just can’t handle it.

July 25th 2014

our job as a fan is to support them not control their life

July 25th 2014


*whispers*  just because i like a character does not mean that i approve his actions